6 Reasons Now is the Best Time to Go Solar

Why solar energy is your only inflation-defying option to escape 5 frightening energy trends.


Saving you thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Coastal Solar offers solar PV for residential and commercial sites, grid tied and off grid systems, battery banks, indoor generators and solar water heating for potable use or pool heating.  We’re a boutique solar company dedicated to building energy independence. We help decrease your carbon footprint while saving you money at the same time.

“I’m Eric Hendrix from Claxton Ga, the CEO and Owner of Canoochee Transport Inc. We’ve been in business for just of 24 years. We have the panels physically installed on the roof of our repair shop where we work on our trucks and trailers. We are expecting a complete payback just under five years and have been saving an average of $650 per month.
We were very impressed with Coastal Solar from the beginning. We were happy to find someone local to work with, they were very professional, when they set up a schedule for installation they were always on time and finished ahead of schedule. They were fast, efficient and the best value in our area. Canoochee Transport would recommend Coastal Solar for other businesses and farms.” – Eric Hendrix


60 KW Solar Grid


Mascot Pecan

Save ~ $200,000 / year



Save ~ $14,500 / year



65% minimum savings / year


Empowering Agriculture

Coastal Solar specializes in working with farms and agricultural companies, big and small, to find freedom from the power grid. Our experts know how to take advantage of tax credits and grants that could help you fund the installation of solar power systems and save you as much as 70% on your electric bill.   Avoid Brown-Outs. Save money. Help the Environment.

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When you contact Coastal Solar about your potential for “going solar”, we will guide you through the entire experience, describing exactly how the process works and answer any questions that you might have.  We pride ourselves on giving honest, no-strings-attached advice to ensure that you end up with exactly what you need!

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Federal tax incentives and clean energy grants are making it easier than ever for companies to invest in solar energy solutions that both save companies money and benefit the environment and surrounding communities.