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Two Georgia Farmers Are First in the U.S. to Receive One-of-a-Kind Solar + Storage Technology

Years in the making, we’re so proud to share this incredible news from our sister company, Ag Solar Solutions!

It’s official: Ag Solar Solutions is proud to formally announce a partnership in a pilot program with sonnen, a global leader in clean energy management solutions.

Together, they’re pioneering the future of energy independence for America’s farmers. It’s now possible for farmers to store excess solar energy production, on a large scale, for use at night or even during power outages.

This could mean an additional savings of 35% or more on the already dramatically-reduced power bills with solar power.

“As the tractor replaced the mule, so too will solar & storage replace ‘grid only’ power systems.” – Ag Solar Solutions CEO, Clay Sikes

Two of our customers were honored to test the very first systems!

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