lyman hall with solar panels

Lyman Hall Students Get Hands on Lesson on Solar Power

Lyman Hall Elementary in Liberty County Georgia got a major solar upgrade over the summer, thanks in part to Coastal Solar.

Each grade will benefit from the installation in different ways. First graders, for example, will hypothesize about how weather affects energy production and then collect and analyze data to prove or disprove their theory. Fifth graders, on the other hand, will actually build electrical circuits and learn about conductors and insulators of electricity.

It’s a major point of pride for the entire community and Coastal Solar was proud to be part of it. Our own Candler Boyd is featured throughout the article, including this snippet,

“Kids will learn from the cutting-edge technology and will also learn about renewable energy and its positive environmental effects,” Boyd said. “It is becoming evident that there is some change going on in the climate and we want to do everything we can to preserve the delicate ecological balance. I have grandchildren, Clay has grandchildren and we are becoming more and more aware of how important it is to keep and if at all possible, improve our environment for generations to come.”

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