Just Announced: New Legislation for South Carolina Businesses

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Why Solar Power?

  • 25 Years of Warrantied, Worry-Free Energy Production. Reduce power bills by 70% or more!

  • Systems Pay for themselves in as little as 3 years

  • State and Local Incentives could pay for the majority of installation

  • Excess Energy can be stored for critical load backup or sold back to the utilities

  • Solar Power is Depreciable Equipment under MACRS or Section 179

  • Many Businesses Qualify for a REAP grant for 30% of the project costs – contact us to see if you qualify! We have a 98% Success rate!

  • Improve Brand Perception: A majority of consumers report positive feelings when purchasing sustainable products and services

Coastal Solar has taken a holistic approach to sustainability for businesses. We don’t design systems to maximize size; we design them to maximize the return on investment.

Our team considers each business’ individual needs and meets with their accountants if necessary. Then, we develop the optimal solution to reduce liabilities, increase cash flow, and provide long-term stability.  For qualifying business operations, our industry experience has lead to a 98% success rate in USDA REAP Grant acquisition.  Other Solar Power Companies design the biggest systems possible – we design the best systems possible.

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About the New Legislation in South Carolina:

South Carolina had caps on the amount of rooftop solar allowed in areas served by certain utility companies. Now, there are no more caps!

Net Metering: Get paid 1-to-1 on the excess energy you produce. Nothing goes to waste and your return on investments go up!Sen. Tom Davis of Beaufort said R-Beaufort said:

“Solar power gives people the freedom to produce some of their own energy, without relying on big utilities. It’s an important piece of Legislation. We have historically relied upon an energy production model that has a utility with a territorial monopoly and has not had competition in the energy production sector. What this is, is a small step toward having markets determine what the cost of energy will be to the consumer.’’

Read more about the legislation here

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