Solar Projects:

At Coastal Solar, we’re passionate about providing high-quality solar solutions to our clients that have a great Return on Investment and ultimately save them money!

“By the time I retire, I will recover the capitol cost of my solar product!  I’m producing $200 worth of power a month. Ihave a big home and use almost all the power produced, so I’m going into retirement with minimum energy costs. I live in an area where I’ll do most of my driving in electric car. Soon I’ll install a solar charging station to fuel the car, as well!”

Coastal Solar offers any size utility scale and commercial Solar Projects anywhere in the United States.

Our Process:

When you contact Coastal Solar about your potential for “going solar”, we will guide you through the entire experience, describing exactly how the process works and answer any questions that you might have. We will perform a comprehensive solar and energy site assessment, where you have the benefit of making sure that your home/business/farm is suitable for a solar installation before proceeding. You will receive all of the benefits of our extensive knowledge and experience in matters concerning a solar installation, and are given a complete cost-effective view of what a solar electric system can provide. No pressure, just honest advice! You can then decide to proceed knowing that we will specify only highly proven, fully warranted, world-class solar electric products that assure your system will perform as expected for many, many years.