Solar Power Trends To Watch in 2022

Solar power is more popular than ever. This is thanks, in part, to advancements in technology that have made it highly affordable for both middle class homeowners and major corporations alike.

Attitudes towards renewable energy are also starting to shift, as more and more people realize that going solar no longer requires a personal sacrifice. Instead, solar can immediately benefit them financially while doing something good for the greater community. There’s an opportunity to make a genuinely positive impact without changing their lifestyle.

For Georgia residents, going solar helps preserve the natural beauty of the state. People are passionate about being good stewards of their land and protecting places like Providence Canyon and the coastline.

A picture of Providence Canyon in Georgia

As we move further into 2022, we’re excited to share some of the most intriguing solar power trends and developments.

Power companies’ mass commitment to renewable energy

Solar power and other renewable energy sources now provide huge amounts of electricity throughout the United States. In 2021, the total increased by 28 percent and is forecast to rise again in 2022.

48 major power suppliers have committed to cutting their carbon emissions dramatically by 2050. And, in many cases, the goal is “net zero.” There are also widespread governmental “green” initiatives, including a major increase in solar power across the states and in a wide range of functions and placements. One power company in Virginia has already committed to adding 500 MW of solar power and other renewables over the next three years. This might seem like a ways off, but 2022 marks the starting point for many of these ambitious projects.

Don’t wait for the power companies to catch up — take control with your own residential solar power system.

American Solar Energy Society to address economic issues

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) hosts its 2022 conference in June, and will look at the links between transitioning to solar power and economic status.

Beyond its environmental benefits, going solar is inherently more affordable. Both businesses and homeowners who can make the initial investment will save substantially over the life of the system. In most cases, the returns are far better than the stock market. So, those who can afford the investment will continue to get ahead financially. ASES would like to bring this opportunity to more people of all economic backgrounds.

ASES also plans to take a deep dive into the positive impacts solar power can have on communities and the world who are experiencing natural disasters. Look out for expert speakers exploring the latest solar power trends as well as a slew of awards for the top contributors to solar power development and innovation. ASES also plans to involve members of the community such as teachers and other school staff, to help promote education around the benefits of solar power. Local businesses will also be featured.

Sin City or Sun City? Las Vegas Embraces Solar Power

It’s hardly a gamble to switch to solar — especially in the desert — and corporate executives know a safe bet when they see one. The newly announced MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array boasts 640 acres of solar panels spread across the desert outside the city of Las Vegas.

The impressive solar array will generate around 90 percent of all daytime power for 13 Vegas strip properties owned or leased by MGM. Anyone staying at the Aria or the Bellagio can appreciate the neon lights all the more — knowing their stay is powered by the sun that will rise the next morning.

A picture of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

In total, the solar panels will produce the same amount of power as what’s used by nearly 27,000 residential homes. This is the second major investment in solar power by MGM, and it will only encourage other businesses and resort owners to create enduring legacies by making the switch to renewables in 2022. Even homeowners in Las Vegas have started switching to solar, not just for the positive environmental impact, but to save money, of course.

Don’t Look Up Breaks Netflix Viewing Records

One movie seems to have achieved what thousands of experts have been trying to do for the past several years — it finally got people discussing climate issues. Don’t Look Up is a satirical disaster movie, highlighting a world where the media downplays the seriousness of an incoming comet. The comet is a not-too-subtle metaphor for climate change and opinions over the effectiveness of the movie’s message have outright divided the internet.

However, they’ve done no harm to the movie’s viewing figures. Director Adam McKay said he was “flabbergasted” by the response, which allowed the movie to break the record for the most hours viewed in a single week. The star-studded movie has really got people talking about what’s going on, how to make changes and what the next steps could be.

An image of a TV sitting on a wooden table with “Netflix Originals” selections on the screen

By making light of the issue and allowing viewers to laugh at the hapless doomsayers on screen, the movie has prompted vast numbers of serious conversations about what’s going on in the climate.

Expect 2022 to be the year plenty of movie fans start to make the switch to solar power after this dark comedy really turns the spotlight on the importance of renewable energy.

Residents and Businesses Empowered With On-Site Solar Power

One of the solar power trends we expect to see much more of in 2022 is on-site solar power systems that provide total freedom from utility companies. The mantra “Own, don’t rent” applies to so many things — homes, boats, cars and even energy.

Utility companies often charge a standing fee and even admin costs and with fossil fuel prices rising all the time, it’s no wonder so many homeowners are switching to solar-powered systems. Expect to hear that many of your neighbors have invested in their own solar panels and batteries. The benefits include energy bill savings of at least 60 percent and once the system is paid off (which can happen very quickly), free energy production for decades.

You can finally laugh off the utility companies and their confusing bills when you get that first invoice that’s less than $20. Note that solar power batteries can amplify your savings and overall energy independence.

It’s a simple way to take control of your home energy bills while having a hugely positive impact on the environment. Switching to solar also means your home is using less natural resources, further protecting the natural beauty of Georgia and the surrounding area. In 2021, homeowners switched to solar power in record numbers and we expect that trend to increase in 2022.

But it’s not just about homeowners. Most businesses now have certain mandates regarding their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Because of this, the solar power trends we expect to see for business are a direct investment in on-site power plants that allow full control over energy production and consumption. Not only does this ensure businesses are compliant, but it shows that they’re putting their communities first and caring about the local and wider environment. That helps increase brand reputation and makes companies more appealing to a diverse range of consumers and even investors.

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