New Secure Power Supply for Power Protection during Hurricanes:

Upgrade Your Solar Array for Less than a Freezer Full of Groceries

Although the latest hurricanes Irma and Maria caused extensive damage to many coastal areas and customers served by Coastal Solar Power Company, all existing Coastal Solar installed solar power systems withstood the hurricanes. Our extensive experience and expertise kept the glass on the roof. 

“We are happy to report that our customers experienced little if any damage to their solar panels. In fact, solar kept many Florida homes and even key city services powered during Irma,” said Clay Sikes, CEO of Coastal Solar Power Company.

While our existing customers won’t have to file insurance claims and deal with costly and timely repairs to their solar arrays, some did lose power for significant periods of time because of the inability to operate a standard solar array when the utility grid is down in the area. The solar industry has been aspiring to offer critical power protection that can be used in an outage for many years and to answer this call, Coastal Solar has launched a new Secure Power Supply solution to ensure customers can safely power their critical needs during outages from future hurricanes and storms.

“Coastal Solar is staying on the cutting edge of energy savings and solar capabilities,” said the COO of Coastal Solar Power Company. “We will be making this new Secure Power Supply available to our existing customers who are interested in an upgrade and offering this to new customers going forward.”

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Secure Power Supply Solution 

Coastal Solar’s new Secure Power Supply is a solution that is easily integrated with your existing solar array. The backup capability provides up to 2000 Watts of power electricity that can be used during utility power outages, eliminating the need for batteries and generators.

If you already have a system, you know how much solar power costs for a home. This small upgrade can help you get so much more from your investment!

this unit helps with solar power power outageSecure Power Supply Solution Specifications:

  • Available Models: 3.0-US / 3.8-US / 5.0-US / 6.0-US / 7.0-US / 7.7-US
  • Combines SMA inverter performance and intelligent DC module-level electronics in one cost-effective solution
  • Offers 2,000 Watts of opportunity power in the event of a grid outage
  • Meets utility-compliance to UL 1741 SA
  • Includes full grid management with on-and-off grid compatibility
  • Features enhanced AFCI technology and integrated DC disconnect
  • Provides WLAN and Ethernet capabilities

The Secure Power Supply is not a battery. Instead, it is an upgrade that is integrated into your existing solar array or installed with a new solar system for an upgrade cost that is less than a freezer full of food. The Secure Power Supply allows you to plug in a refrigerator, fans, and other necessary appliances like computers, mobile phones, radios and more. While this solution is not designed to run your whole house, it is designed to provide you power for your key needs when the utility’s power is down.

To maximize savings and have some power during emergencies, look into a solar power battery — we specialize in alternatives to Tesla powerwalls.

To find out more about Coastal Solar’s new Secure Power Supply, send us a message or call (912) 332-1109.


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