5 Myths About Solar Power Every Person Should Know

Many homeowners have preconceptions about investing in solar power for their residence. Some think it’s too expensive or troublesome to install, or that it might negatively affect property values. However, with more people going solar every day, people everywhere are wondering what they’re missing out on!

In this post, we’ll dispel some common misconceptions that you may have and provide the facts you need to make the best decision for your home.

1. It’s too expensive to install solar panels. You might think you’ll have to pay extra for an eco-conscious solution. However, according to the World Economic Forum, installing new solar panels is cheaper than similar coal, natural gas, or other fossil fuel options. The cost of renewable energy dropped by 80 percent from 2009-2016, and solar energy can save you significantly on your electric bill.

In fact, solar power isn’t just about being nice to the environment; it’s a wise financial decision. In most cases, homeowners will save you tens of thousands of dollars or more over the life of a system. And though there are some up-front installation costs, state and local incentives may cover the majority of the expense. Plus, financing is available for many homeowners – and solar’s still well worth the investment even after calculating interest charges.

2.  Solar panels may not work with my climate. There’s only one key ingredient solar panels need to work: sunlight! Solar can even work in places like Alaska, with longer, colder winters. As long as there’s a few hours of daylight, your solar system should be able to harness the sun’s energy. Do you live in a cold and/or snowy climate? Research has shown that solar can still successfully generate electricity in snowy and harsh environments and thrive in winter weather. Light snow doesn’t have much impact on solar panels and can easily slide off of them. Heavier snow might affect the amount of electricity produced, but it’s still possible to generate electricity even when the panels are completely covered. Snow also has the benefit of serving as a cleaning agent for the panels as it melts away!

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3. Solar will lower the value of my house. Actually, it’s quite the contrary  — solar panels are viewed as an upgrade to a house. A 2018 Zillow analysis said solar panels raised the value of a home by 4.1% across the U.S. Specifically, it’s an average $9,274 on a $226,300 home. Buyers are increasingly demanding green living solutions. More than 80 percent of buyers say that energy-efficient features are important when they’re choosing a home. Prospective homeowners will find saving significantly on energy costs attractive, as well as the back-up some solar power systems with battery storage provide.

4. Solar panels are noisy, not aesthetically pleasing, and can damage your roof. You might think that adding solar panels will affect the visual appeal of your home. Of course, that depends on your personal taste, but homes with solar panels have become increasingly popular, so you won’t stand out in a bad way.

Additionally, noise shouldn’t be a concern. Solar power systems are usually very quiet. Some inverters that convert the dc energy to ac energy may make a soft humming noise, but most people will not even notice this. 

If you use solar batteries for backup power, you’ll definitely enjoy a quieter experience than a typical generator.

Lastly, solar panels won’t damage your roof. Actually, they can protect it by providing a barrier that can reduce the potential for deterioration, leaking, and excessive sun damage. It’s best if your roof is in good condition, and a professional can advise you on what you might need to repair before solar panel installation. At their best, solar panels can reduce some of the wear on your roof’s shingles and keep rain out.

5. It will be a high-maintenance product to install and keep up with. It’s best to work with professionals for your installation needs. See — should you install your own solar panels? Coastal Solar will perform an energy assessment to learn how suitable your home is for a solar installation. You’ll get a feasibility report with estimated cost savings and options for installation based on your historical energy use and property attributes. We’ll also help ensure that all of the right permits and paperwork are in place.

Working with the professionals may be best for cleaning your solar panels, but the average homeowner can do it if they’re equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools. For cleaning purposes, we recommend spraying off the first layer of loose dirt, dust, and debris with a garden hose. To loosen stubborn buildup and avoid scratches on the panels, you should use a non-abrasive soap with a soft sponge. Then rinse off all leftover soap residue and then allow the panels to air-dry. The basic cleaning of a solar panel isn’t time consuming and is rather similar to cleaning a window. See our solar panel maintenance post to learn more.

Don’t be intimidated by solar power! The average homeowner can afford to install a system and reap the benefits of their investment. Maintenance is minimal and reputable solar installers like Coastal Solar will give you an honest assessment for your property and stand by to provide any help you need.

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