Is Solar Energy Right for Your Home?

5 ‘Plan-Ahead’ Reasons Solar Power is (almost) Guaranteed to Save Homeowners Huge Long-Term Money

A homeowner’s single best solution to worsening climate trends and increasing costs of living is solar energy for homes. This is why governments at all levels continue to offer financial tax incentives to homeowners who want to go solar.

Solar energy for homes is a better investment than the stock market.  It’s also the most foolproof way to defeat inflation — power costs will continue to climb, but your solar system will not cost more each month. So for each passing year, your savings increase from what you would have been paying.

Homeowners have a lot of questions about solar energy because they want to know if it’s right for their home. And yes, the technical aspects can get complicated, and every house has a different set of questions. But before you get into all that, here’s what you need to ask yourself first:

  • Am I a planner?
  • Do I like to weigh the pros and cons of a problem, and pick the best solution?
  • Do I look several years ahead when making a big decision?

When it comes to deciding about installing solar energy for your home, if you’re the kind of person who answers “Yes” to those three questions, then you’re going to like solar power. Long term, it’s not just the best way to go. For most homes, it’s the only way to go. Read on to see why.

solar energy for homes, like this solar array, helps you save money

Solar Energy for Homes: 5 Reasons It’s a ‘Yes-Brainer’

Planning years ahead and analyzing data takes brainpower. When you see the data and costs for going solar, you’ll quickly see why solar power is an obvious ‘yes.’ Here are the five main reasons:

1. You Pay for Power No Matter What

If your home uses 1000 kW per month, then you’re paying for 1000 kW per month. This is true no matter where your home’s energy comes from, whether solar, wind, coal, natural gas, nuclear, or your teenager out back peddling on a grid-connected bike (you’ll have to feed him more!)

So when you look at the costs of solar energy for your home, it’s not really a question of what am I paying versus what will I be paying. You are paying for the power either way. The difference is simply in where that power comes from.

For example, if you invest $15,000 into a solar energy system for your home that will last for 30 years, that’s $41.67 per month. You have to compare that to how much you’d pay for power the normal way over the same 30 years. Your solar energy will replace a portion of your bill, and thus, you bill will be lower – for all 30 years. Solar does not cost more over the long term. It costs the same, or less – every single time. (And guess what? It’s always less after enough time passes).

Your only question here is – how long will you live at your current house? If you’re planning to move in two years, maybe wait on solar until you’re more settled. (Maybe – check out #3 below.) If you’ll be there for a long time, there will never be a better time than now to start saving.\

2. No More Power-Renting. You Own It.

Right now, your power company owns your power and rents it out to you. With solar power, your power is yours.

The value of true ownership cannot be overstated. As your “power landlord,” your power company can pretty much do whatever they want, and you have to go along. They can raise fees, raise rates, and make demands, and you have to comply.

Look at your power bills from five and ten years ago. Look at the ‘per-kilowatt’ charges. Now think ahead five, ten, and twenty years. How much more will they be billing you for? How much control of these guaranteed rate increases do you have? You have none.

But as a home solar energy generator, you own every kilowatt you produce. And when you sell your home, you sell your energy generation assets with it, which leads right into reason #3.

3. Your Home Value Will Increase

Home values are impossible to predict, and markets are wacky in some parts of the country. But in general, for a typical 5-7 kW home solar energy system, you can expect to add between $10,000 to $15,000 to the value of your home.

And even if markets flatten, you still get this value. If the homes in your area start selling for less than expected, you can still command $10-15k more than you would have gotten in that depressed market, because you were smart enough to install a solar energy system at your home.

In other words, if you move five years after installing solar energy in your home, you’ll recover your unrealized ROI in the sale.

solar energy for homes, like this one, allows you to save money

4. Everyone Gets Their ROI

As long as the solar panels and the installation are of high quality, we at Coastal Solar have never seen a home, farm, or business not make back their ROI. Ever.

The only question is when. In the best cases, the break-even point happens in less than five years. In other cases, it’s more like ten. But it always happens. Always.

You will eventually save more than you spent to install solar energy in your home.

And again, the main reason for this is because your power company will keep raising rates – on the same usage of energy.

This is very important to understand. If you’re using 1000 kW per month now, there’s no reason to believe that’s going to change very much unless you add more people to your household.

But in ten years or so, your power company will charge you double what you’re paying now – for the same 1000 kW of energy.

Do you see that? If you’re paying $100 per month now, you’ll be paying $200 in ten years. For the same exact thing!

With solar energy in your home, you own your power, and you have already paid for it, way back at the moment of installation. Let’s say 80% of your power bill gets eliminated because of your solar panels. So now, in our hypothetical example, you’re only paying $20 per month, and are saving $80. Again, hypothetically, you’ll be paying $40 for that fraction of your power in ten years – double the price.

But you’ll be saving $160. What does this mean?

As their costs rise, your savings rise.

Do you see why if you’re a planner who looks ahead five, ten, twenty years, who likes to weigh the pros and cons, solar really is the clear answer to beating inflation, saving money, and helping the environment at the same time?

5. Every Problem Has a Solution

At the beginning, we said savings from solar energy for homes are “almost” guaranteed. No one can promise it every single time. For instance, if your home is surrounded by 100-foot tall pine trees and the sun never hits your roof, then you probably wouldn’t benefit from solar energy for your home.

But there is a solution. Cut down all the trees blocking the most direct sunlight. But that’s a pricey solution, and you probably like your trees. There are other issues at individual homes that might complicate the solar energy decision a little, such as nearby buildings, the angle of your home, the tilt of the roof, and many more.

Our main message to you about all these complications is this: Every problem has a solution.

And our solar consultants are here to give you the best and most honest assessment of your options. If solar energy isn’t right for your home, we will tell you that, straight up, right away, and free of charge.

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we won’t do a project that won’t result in a satisfied customer.  Give us a call today!

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