Solar Batteries: How to Ensure You Have Solar Power Whenever You Need It

24 hours of grid connected solar battery storage

What’s the biggest downside of solar power, and what can you do about it?

The most obvious problem is that the sun doesn’t shine all day, unless it’s summer and you live in Alaska.  And, when the sun is brightest, most people aren’t home. So for most residences, when your panels are collecting the most energy, you can’t use it.

The solution to this problem is a solar battery storage system that stores energy from the day so you can use it at night and in the morning. This post is going to cover all of the basics, but if you want an in-depth look, be sure to review our full guide for solar power storage and batteries!

Solar Battery Storage – Efficiency and Lifespan

You want a battery that stores solar energy with the highest efficiency and for the longest lifespan.

Coastal Solar is now an official dealer for sonnenbatterie, a groundbreaking new solar energy storage system with a 10-year, 10,000 cycle minimum life span. This means you can cut your electric grid usage (and your bill!) by as much as 75% for a guaranteed minimum of 10 years.

But the main reason we decided to partner with sonnenbatterie is because of its energy-maximizing software. While the battery stores energy, the software works out how much to save for the non-peak hours, and how much to use during the day. It even connects to the internet and reads weather reports to anticipate upcoming needs!

Look at the graphic below.

graph shows how solar battery storage allows solar power use at night

The blue represents when the majority of homes use the most energy – morning and evening.

The green part shows typical energy usage during the day – much lower.

And the yellow shows when your solar photovoltaic (PV) cells are storing the most energy – during the heat of the day.

The sonnenbatterie software manages the energy stored up each day so you can use it when you need it most. It will adapt to your unique patterns and usage.

What Kind of Solar Battery is it?

Sonnenbatterie uses a lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4), as opposed to the commonly used lead acid varieties.

Compare lithium iron to lead acid batteries, and see why lithium is the solar battery of the future.

Businesses and Farms – Adapt to Your Energy Use Patterns

If you run a business that mostly operates in the day, like a car dealership, then you’ll be using solar during the noon-6pm “peak time”. This is when most utilities charge the highest rates. In that case, the blue peaks in the graph would be lower, and the green would line up more with when solar energy storage is strongest.

But if you run an off-hours business like a restaurant, or want a home system, the sonnenbatterie software will maximize the solar energy your panels have stored up during the day so you can use it at night. The point is, a solar battery storage system allows you the flexibility to use energy when you need it.

Energy Independence – Your Own Solar Battery Storage System

sonnenbatterie solar energy storage unit installed on interior wall

The sonnenbatterie gives you control over your own energy usage, and can be installed almost anywhere – indoors or outdoors.

Look at the photo, and see how it can blend in with any room décor.

The whole system operates within that small box. You don’t need to set aside a whole room or section of your garage for this. You don’t need to hide it on the side of your house where you store your junk.

Included within the sonnenbatterie is everything you need to reduce your grid-dependence:

  • An inverter – an essential part of any solar energy system. Converts DC (direct current) to the AC (alternating current) used in the American power grid
  • Intelligent energy manager
  • Measurement technology – keeps track of your energy usage, storage, and communication with the grid
  • 200-Amp automatic transfer switch
  • Software to operate all these systems

What About Power Outages?

A good solar battery system makes power outages a thing of the past. With your stored energy and the continuous production of your solar cells, your system will continue to operate and produce energy even when the grid goes down.

In 2016 when Hurricane Matthew knocked out power  to thousands in the Southeast, homes and businesses with solar battery storage kept right on operating. Learn more about solar power and hurricanes.

A common misconception about solar power is that people think they won’t be affected by power outages. Unless you have off-grid solar, this is not the case. To learn why read this article about switching to solar power.

  • Businesses: Imagine being the only restaurant on the block that can still serve its full menu to customers during an outage. Or the hotel with solar power that can keep guests comfortable.
  • Homes: Think of an outage during a hot summer. You’ll have the only house on the block with air conditioning while other homes turn into ovens.
  • Offices: Your office building can keep right on working while the other ones have to send their employees home and fall behind on everything. No computer blackouts or interruption of your workday.

This is the answer to the main problem with solar power.

You want power when you need it most. An effective solar energy storage system like the sonnenbatterie makes this possible.

If you want to upgrade your solar system to include battery storage, talk to one of our solar consultants today.

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