Solar Batteries – the Path to Energy Independence and Power When You Need It

Solar batteries offer a way to get even more value out of your solar panels. Whether you have already installed a solar array or are planning to do so soon, solar power battery energy storage can be added onto your system to increase your energy independence and energy security by giving you up to 24 hours of solar power every day.

As we like to say, solar batteries allow you to ‘own your power’ even more than you already can with solar panels.

On this page you’ll find answers for all the basic questions about solar batteries. This is a central resource for anyone wanting all the information they can get about solar batteries in one place.

We’ll discuss the benefits and risks of solar batteries, solar battery prices, solar battery brands, batteries and power outages, what to look for when shopping for solar batteries, and much more.

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What are the main benefits of solar batteries?

Are solar batteries worth it?

Let’s start off by looking at the main benefits and then some of the downsides of solar batteries. Some of these apply to everyone, while others apply more to homeowners or more to businesses and farms.

An enphase battery system neatly installed on a wall of a comfortable, modern house in warm sunshine.

Save more money

However much energy your solar panels are able to produce, your solar batteries will increase your efficient use of it. By storing any excess power and then using it later, you’ll avoid any losses that may occur when transferring the excess to the grid. And you’ll maximize your financial return on investment by avoiding cut rate net metering that doesn’t fully reimburse you for the power you produced.

You’ll also save money if your utility charges higher rates at certain peak usage times of day, because your solar batteries will ensure that most of your energy needs beyond what your panels can produce will be supplied by the battery, and not the utility.

Possible 100% power offset

With enough solar panels and sufficient solar battery storage, you have the potential to pay nothing for power, month after month. Your panels produce during the day, and your batteries use the stored excess solar energy to power your home at night. The American Solar Energy Society can help you learn more about sustainable living.

Backup power source

Most solar battery brands allow you to continue powering your home even in a power outage. You’ll never need to worry about all your frozen foods thawing out or the milk rotting in the fridge.

You can be the only house on the block with air conditioning after a hurricane. You can be the only hotel still operating, the only restaurant still serving cooked food, etc.

Be mindful that installing a solar battery doesn’t mean instant backup power by default. You’ll need the right setup and the proper equipment. So talk to a solar consultant about your exact situation.

Protects you from rising energy costs

Solar panels save you money, but those savings increase over time because the power companies will keep increasing their rates. However, because you are producing your own power, you don’t have to pay those higher rates until your energy usage exceeds what your panels can produce.

With solar power battery energy storage, you can store your excess and use even less of the utility’s power. And that means you’ll pay even less of ever-increasing energy prices.

Positions you as eco friendly – customers love it

For businesses in particular, going solar can make your company a bigger draw because there are certain customers who will go out of their way to support businesses that prioritize care for the environment. Use it in your marketing. And if you have solar batteries, you can amplify this even more.

Protects you from cybersecurity threats

Like it or not, we live in a world where just about anyone can be a target of cyberterrorists — including power companies. If your power company became a victim of ransomware or some other cyber threat, this could affect your ability to receive power from the utility. With solar batteries, you won’t have to worry about that threat.

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Here are more reasons why solar batteries would make a great addition to your solar panel system.