Clay Sikes, owner of Coastal Solar, discusses solar power

Renewable Energy Must Be Our Future

My Answer to the Big Money Paradigm that Says “No!”

The earth is not ours to simply ‘take from and destroy.’ Do we not share responsibility in stewarding what God has provided? During this now lengthy life, I have learned a few lessons and have awakened to the costs of improper care – what I take for granted can be taken away.

Changing Our Perspective

The road less traveled is often the exact road that should be considered, but convincing the protectors of the old paradigm with ‘better arguments’ will not work. The only way to change the paradigm is to be the paradigm. To take such drastic action is to see an emerging event and choose to take part.

Only those who can look at a long-standing problem with fresh eyes can see it! Those married to past methods and apathy never will. Renewable energy is our future (individually and collectively). This is a heart issue, not a head issue.
The strength of the oppressor lies in the ignorance of the oppressed. If a lie imprisons, only the truth can set us free. We as a society have come to a fork in the road. Which avenue will we take?

“I Was Wrong” About Renewable Energy

As a life-long conservative, I’ve been on the wrong road with this issue for a long time. Ignorance often comes disguised as tradition, and gross insensitivity and the traditional voice of my politics has had me bound. As the song says, “I was blind, but now I see.” Often, no one is less tolerant than the person who has just been reformed. So please, I ask in advance, forgive my passion.

Climate change exists, and the earth’s potential early demise will be the result if politicians don’t get their heads out of the sand (kinder word than I intended to use), and Big Money’s hand out of their pocket.

Renewable energy is ‘our part’ in fighting back against the money (mammon) controlled big oil, big energy, and big lobbyists in DC and state capitols across this land. Financial interests control much of the public narrative concerning climate change and renewable energy – advertising, lobbyists, paid scientists – but that is changing with the emergence of a younger generation who seem more geared to truth and less influenced by the normal channels.

In short, truth matters to millennials. Every generation possesses a unique characteristic, and theirs is especially unique at a critical time in the earth’s history. We have managed to do much damage in a short time, both literally and figuratively.

Why Were We Ever Against This?

Another force is also emerging within the grassroots of America. Why? Because renewables, especially solar, make financial sense!

Nothing can stop the critical mass now assembling around the globe. Solar is growing at rates far surpassing expectation as costs have fallen while efficiencies have increased.

Storage batteries  have added the missing link during non-productive solar hours, killing the proud argument that “solar doesn’t work.” But while this business force is important in bringing change, real change only occurs when this issue matters in the hearts of people.

Opposition to Renewables Based on Fear

As stated, Big Money’s opposition to renewable energy is seen daily through public disinformation about the ever-increasing value of renewable energy in both economic and environmental benefits.

They’re also touting the danger to existing structures like the fossil fuel industries that preserve their positions of influence. They understand that to control the narrative is to control the culture. Proud arguments are offered as a protection for financial concerns.

Extraordinary pressure is being felt by utility regulators, legislators, and even judges in high courts. One has to look no further than ‘sun-rich’ Nevada to see how money controls policy – Buffet muscle, and I ain’t talking Jimmy here.

But – as with the blacksmith who saw his first car, the stagecoach driver who saw his first train, the train conductor who saw his first plane, the candlemaker who saw his first lightbulb, the fan maker who saw his first air conditioner, the radio maker who saw his first TV, the postmaster who saw his first fax, or fax machine maker who saw his first email – in the inimitable words of the songwriter Bob Dylan, “The Times, They Are A Changin.”

Attention Visionaries: It’s time to take the road less traveled and see for yourself.


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