How Poultry Farms Can Beat Profit-Draining RFS Regulations

Solar Energy Gives Farmers an ‘End Around’ on Increasing Feed Prices

The Renewable Fuel Standard was originally an attempt to help the US achieve energy independence from foreign oil, and to improve air quality. But it has morphed into a major profit-inhibitor for farm producers like poultry farmers.

The good news for poultry farmers is, there’s an easy way to defray those costs and achieve energy independence and freedom at the same time.

If your feed costs have been rising and you weren’t sure why, what you’re about to read might be the cloud-parting answer you’ve been seeking.

What is the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)?

The RFS requires certain percentages of corn to be designated for use in ethanol production. These percentages have increased continually over time. Like many government actions, the mo