Mayor Goes Solar: Thomas Residence


Former Mayor of Hinesville, Georgia, Mr. James Thomas entrusted Coastal Solar with the installation of a solar system at his residence in July 2017. This installation is a roof-mount 8kW system that uses Canadian solar modules and a Fronius inverter. The connection runs through the attic to the inverter which is mounted on the east side of the residence next to his power outlet. A huge proponent for renewable energy, Mayor Thomas continues to look for ways to bring solar into the Hinesville community, starting at home!  

Miller Residence


They worked with Coastal Solar to install a solar power system and have cut their energy bill by more than half! With the addition of the many tax benefits, they’ll experience a positive return on their investment in just a number of years – and will continue to save on energy for their family home for many more!

The Landings


These homeowners were working through an extensive renovation of this dwelling and wanted solar as a part of the upgrade. Installed is a 7.5kW system where the generated power will be sold back to Georgia Power to offset this home’s energy bill.

Wilmington Island


Not wanting to cut tree branches from over his roof, this homeowner decided to place the array in the area nearest the lake. The Coastal Solar Power Plant will run the refrigerator, ceiling fans and necessary lighting indefinitely during a power outage. This homeowner also utilizes an energy monitor to access his home’s power usage 24/7 online.