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residential solar power for mayor

Mayor Goes Solar: Thomas Residence

Former Mayor of Hinesville, Georgia, Mr. James Thomas entrusted Coastal Solar with the installation of a solar system at his residence in July 2017. This installation is a roof-mount 8kW system that uses Canadian solar modules and a Fronius inverter. The connection runs through the attic to the inverter which is mounted on the east side of the residence next to his power outlet. A huge proponent for renewable energy, Mayor Thomas continues to look for ways to bring solar into the Hinesville community, starting at home!  

Coastal’s Mike Croft said, “Mayor Thomas walked into the office with his Georgia Power bills in hand, and said he was tired of paying high utility bills. Already a huge proponent for renewable energy, he knew the costs and benefits.”


The Thomas roof is 100% south facing, a perfect scenario for us. It also provided a bigger footprint than our solution requires. This allowed us to maximize his performance. Mayor Thomas had two trees in his backyard removed, and was able to get a tax break on that work.

The Thomas residential solar system went live on July 4, 2017. We have great production data on his system starting on July 8, 2017. His solar system was working to 90% capacity in July. This month, the Thomas system is running a true solar solution of 65% now.

Mike Croft added, “Mayor Thomas has had a good voice about solar in the community. As an elected official, he’s done a lot of things to move renewable energy forward.”

Prior to going solar at home, Mayor Thomas has been working on a new HUD project where he insisted solar be added to the initial bid. He knows enough about economics to know how much this could really help folks with lower incomes manage traditionally high utility costs.

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