Project Description

Project Description

solar panels at mascot pecan

Mascot Pecan

In late 2016, Mascot Pecan Shelling Company, a staple in Glennville, GA since the 1950’s, made headlines across the state with the installation of a 3,400 panel solar power system designed to save them nearly $200,000 in energy costs each year.

Mascot expects the annual savings, combined with Coastal Solar’s help to navigate tax credits and potential grants, will allow them to see a full cost recovery in as little as 4 years. The system itself, is anticipated to last another 20 years beyond that.

This project is a shining example of Coastal Solar’s passion to give businesses and members of the agricultural community more control over their own power. By making these types of investments, organizations can strengthen their long-term financial standing while making a positive impact on their local environment and communities.


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