Project Description

Le Creuset

Le Creuset and Coastal Solar are two leaders in their industries.

Le Creuset, at nearly a century old, is known for their superior quality cookware. Luxury homes and Michelin star restaurants alike are adorned with their products that are not only impeccably beautiful, but top-of-the-line tools for creating culinary masterpieces.

Coastal Solar has pioneered renewable energy in the southeast and quickly became the leader in solar for the poultry industry across the United States. They now provide top-class quality and service to companies with an eye towards ROI and homeowners with an eye toward financial stability, security, and a lasting legacy.

Le Creuset company approached Coastal Solar for help making their South Carolina warehouse more efficient financially while planting their flag as a leader in environmental stewardship.

The team at Coastal Solar teamed up with long-time partner and nationally-recognized solar pioneer Keith Freeman of VerdeSol. The familiar duo designed and installed a massive 500kw system which has now dramatically reduced Le Creuset’s reliance on fossil fuel and greatly diminished their carbon footprint.

Coastal Solar and VerdeSol work together on projects throughout the southeast. Le Creuset is just one example of the workmanship that can be completed as a result of this experienced and efficient partnership.


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