Project Description

residence uses solar power to support sustainable lifestyle

Kadalei Residence

Midi of Kadalei has great respect for the environment and contacted Coastal Solar to see how solar power could improve upon his sustainable lifestyle efforts. Working with our representative Candler Boyd, the pair landed on a solution that has become the largest in-ground solar array in Liberty County, Georgia.

The system took just two weeks to install and will power around 95% of Mr. Kadalei’s home. The project also got the attention of local media and article in the Coastal Courier Newspaper.

In the article, Candler Boyd embodied one of the core principles of Coastal Solar and referred to Mr. Kadelei as a friend, not a customer, and said, “We are a service-oriented industry and we are here to provide a service… profit is a byproduct. If we make our people happy… the Lord will bless us and everything else will be taken care of.”

Project Photos


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