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Armstrong Family Dentistry

Dr. Hugh Armstrong was all ears when he was contacted by Coastal Solar consultant Mike Harrell, a friend he’s known for many years. In fact, Dr. Armstrong was eager to meet with Mike so he could learn more about the potential for his business to go solar, save money, and contribute to a sustainable local community.

He explained to Mike that not only does his building require power for regular business activities, but his medical equipment draws extra power and increases office temperatures – often requiring him to run the air conditioning throughout the winter! Mike considered Dr. Armstrong’s unique needs, examined his beautiful south-facing roof, and quickly determined that a 14kw solar power system would be perfect for the building.

Dr. Armstrong wisely took Mike’s proposal to his CPA for review and promptly received a thumbs-up. Investing in solar is a prudent financial decision that can help almost any business owner advance their long-term goals.

Since the install this past winter, Dr. Armstrong’s new system offset an average 55-60% of his monthly electricity costs. This number is only expected to increase as the Georgia summer quickly approaches, bringing longer days and higher temperatures.

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Armstrong as another happy customer! Wondering how much your business, farm, or home could save?

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