Project Description

arco solar power installation

Arco Hardware – 14kw System

“This is great for the next generation.”

That’s what one of the owners told our consultant, Brett Sikes, as she reflected on the installation that had just been completed on her Arco Hardware store. In an interview, Brett told us, “They’ve had the opportunity to do good for the community through business and now they have an opportunity to support the next generation through solar.”

Arco Hardware approached us about solar power because they wanted to further their impact on the local community. For the owners, it was less about the financial benefits (although they were substantial) and more about caring for the environment and creating something that would continue to sow into the community for years to come.

Once they took a look at the numbers and realized they could wipe out nearly all of their tax liability while also reducing their bills for decades, it was a “no brainer”.

Arco Hardware is so proud of their new solar power system that they’ve proudly set up a display in their store that lets everyone know they are a solar powered business and are even giving information on how others in the community can follow their lead.
As long as our local communities have leaders like those at Arco Hardware, the future will remain sunny. Weeks later, they feel great about the investment:

“We made an environmentally friendly, financially beneficial decision to go solar.”

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