Increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and practice good stewardship in your community!

Coastal Solar, one of the most reputable solar power companies in the nation, is now offering the opportunity for business owners to add solar power to their existing business model.

Connect your customers with Coastal Solar and they will receive a no-cost energy analysis from our professional and courteous team. If they decide solar power is right for them, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale and have the pleasure of knowing that you helped them improve their own financial future while benefiting the environment as a whole.

Become a Partner:

Increase revenue by adding solar power to your existing business model without additional shelf space, inventory, overhead, or expensive sales materials.

What are the benefits for my customers?

Your customers will benefit from reduced tax liabilities, increased cash flow, and greater long-term financial stability.

Solar power systems can reduce energy costs for 25 years or more and, beyond saving on power bills, some systems may even allow your customers to earn additional revenue from excess power production.

Most systems provide a complete return on investment within a few years, which could mean more than 20 years of free power generation. Tax credits, grants, and other incentives may allow your customers to recover 50% or more of the project cost in the first year alone.

Your customers can usually expect an internal rate of return of 15-25% – making it one of the best investments they’ll ever make.

What is required of Partners?

The best part? You don’t have to do much at all. A partnership with Coastal Solar requires no shelf space, no additional overheard, and no expensive sales materials. There’s no risk to a partnership with Coastal Solar – only benefit.

We’ll provide all sales materials necessary. Simply let your customers know about Solar Power, connect them with a Coastal Solar representative, and we’ll take it from there. When your customer installs a solar power system, you’ll receive a percentage of the sale!

Who is Coastal Solar?

Coastal Solar is the number one provider of solar power solutions for the poultry industry, and one of the most trusted renewable energy companies in the United States.

Pioneered by Clay Sikes, a multi-million dollar portfolio holder with more than 50 years experience, we know business as well as we know renewable energy. We know how to create partnerships and solutions that mutually benefit our partners and customers.

We’re here to serve not to sell. Our goal is to empower people and organizations based on their unique needs and provide the best solution – not the biggest.

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