MARCH 2021

AG Solar Solutions host beneficial workshop on designing and installing money-saving solar systems.

Did you get your free dinner?

Ag Solar Solutions, the division of Coastal Solar that’s solely focused on helping America’s farmers be more profitable and resilient, hosted an awesome dinner at G-Brand BBQ in Crawford, Georgia.

Attendees got a delicious meal and were able to learn about the process of designing and installing solar power systems on different kinds of farms. The Ag Solar team also walked folks through various financial scenarios and how tax credits and grants could pay for the majority of the investment needed for the system.

It was a success for everyone involved! More than half of those in attendance have started the process of a custom quote for their operation. They’ll soon be saving money and securing their financial future!

Farming tractor working hard during to offset post-pandemic rising operating costs.

8 Awesome Ways Farmers Can Save Money in 2021

n 2021 America’s farmers are facing the dichotomy of expected higher revenue (primarily from retail increases) coupled with higher input costs (mainly from fertilizer and feeds). No one is completely certain how this post-pandemic(wishful thinking?) year and new administration’s policies will affect consumer purchasing and farm labor costs.

But one thing is true: It’s never a bad idea to find ways to be more lean with operations and costs. We explore eight ways that farmers can do this right away!

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Dark solar panels on a residential metal roof are great for energy savings.

Project of the Month: Baxley, Georgia

It’s a beautiful sight, isn’t it? Those dark panels on a metal roof just makes us smile — we know this homeowner is putting their resources to good work. They can expect instant savings and likely a much better long-term return on their investment than anything they could get with the stock market.

Plus, it’s just the right thing to do if you love your local natural resources. The folks at this residence in Baxley, Georgia sure do. The 8.14kw array is already hard at work and soaking up the sun!

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