Industry Leading Solar Power Solutions
for Manufacturers and Industrial Operations

Go Green | Save Money | Bypass the Utilities

Coastal Solar has created an industry-leading solution for mass-scale solar power systems. When utility companies tell you it can’t be done, our proprietary combination of predictive technology and large-scale energy storage makes it possible.

We design micro-grids that are comprised of on-site Energy Production and Storage. These systems provide many benefits, including:

  • Peak-load shaving

  • Redundancy/power backup

  • Up to 100% offset of power costs

  • Green solutions your customers will love

  • Harden your infrastructure

  • Better than diesel generators

  • Protection from cybersecurity threats

  • Hedge against rising energy costs

Our solutions use cutting edge technology to forecast energy demands and plan production and energy storage so you stay up and running. Don’t rely on the utilities to set electrical costs and provide critical power you need – own your own “Smart micro-grid”.

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