A professional solar installer hangs from the side of a steep roof and holds a panel in place for installation. He’s tied with bright yellow safety gear.

Coastal Solar now offers a worry-free, VIP Maintenance Plan!

Just like other elements of property ownership, being a good steward requires proactive maintenance and upkeep. If you don’t have the time or the technical knowledge to do it yourself, a VIP Maintenance Plan could save you a lot of pain and thousands in repair costs.

Due to high demand from around the country, we’re rolling out the industry’s premier maintenance program.

The VIP Maintenance Plan will help you:

Maximize system performance

Protected against wear and tear

Prolong the life of your system

Keep warranty requirements up-to-date

Enjoy peace of mind should anything ever go wrong

We have limited space for this popular new program, so be sure to call about current availability!

As a VIP maintenance customer you’ll receive:

  • Worry-free scheduling with automatic reminders
  • A complete annual inspection and routine maintenance — extend the life of your system!
  • Discounted rates on all repairs
  • Service from an experienced, friendly Coastal Solar certified technician
  • Monthly online monitoring, if available
  • Complete inspection of all wiring systems
  • Thorough evaluation of all structural attachments
  • Cleaning and removal of all debris around the array
  • Electrical tests to verify performance
  • VIP priority service
house with deck, pool, and solar panels

If you’ve ever wondered what you should be doing to ensure your investment is safe and provides maximum financial benefit — this program takes care of all of the guesswork.

Call us today — 844-765-2793 — to get your custom plan!

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