How the Jackson EMC Solar Rebate Saves You Money

To Jackson EMC Residential Members: Get Up to $4500 Off Your Solar Installation

to get the jackson emc solar rebate, you must be a member living in the territoryAre you a Jackson EMC member and thinking about solar energy for your home?

If so, there’s never been a better time than now to go solar, for two reasons

First, you can save up to $4500 on your installation with hard cash rebates from Jackson EMC. They rebate $450 per kW installed, with a 10kW maximum.

The good news is, most homes don’t need much more than 10kW to cancel out a large portion of their power bills (and many can’t install that much anyway because of roof area limitations and other factors).

Second, you can combine the Jackson EMC solar rebate with the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which gives you a 26% tax credit for the value of your solar installation. But the ITC is scheduled to decline, so that 26% number won’t be around forever, unless the government decides to extend it.

But unlike the ITC, which you don’t recover until your next tax filing, you get the Jackson EMC solar rebate within a few weeks of the installation.

Why does Jackson EMC give solar rebates? As a cooperative, Jackson EMC already has a documented history of returning profits to their members. The solar rebate is simply another way they can reward their members with extra perks not available to people in other territories. It’s probably one reason Jackson EMC has earned so many awards for customer satisfaction, including the 2012 J.D. Power and Associates Customer Service Champion Award.

How Do I Qualify for the Jackson EMC Solar Rebate?

To get your solar rebate, you want to make sure you follow their procedures and meet their requirements, which are pretty specific. Obviously, you have to be a Jackson EMC member.

Follow these 3 steps to get your solar rebate from Jackson EMC:

  • Make sure your desired solar installation will be on a residential property you own. It cannot be a commercial business or farm

To get approved, you’ll have to fill out an application, which you can get from this web page.  It’s under the “Distributed Generation Interconnection Procedure” link. There is a $100 processing fee.

You’ll also need a solar site survey inspection, which Jackson EMC offers for free. Or you can have your solar installer do it, but look at step 3 before you start searching for installers.

  • Find a solar contractor that has an NABCEP certified PV Installation Professional

Jackson EMC requires this level of installation to get the rebate. That means you can’t install your solar system yourself. A certified installer will be sure to adhere to all the various connection requirements another technicalities the utility needs done right.

Coastal Solar has Keith Freeman, an NABCEP certified installer on our staff.

Once you’ve been approved and have found a solar installer, all that remains is the actual solar consultation and installation work.

How Much Can I Save With a Jackson EMC Solar Rebate?

Jackson EMC pays out $450 per kW of installed solar capacity, up to a 10kW system size limit.

So if you install a 6kW system, you’d get a $2700 cash rebate. Again, this is in addition to the federal ITC and any other solar credits you might qualify for elsewhere.

For example, let’s say you spend $20,000 on a 6kW system (this is NOT an official price quote – just a hypothetical example).

The ITC tax credit would come to $6000. With the $2700 Jackson EMC solar rebate on top of that, your total savings would be $8700, which is 43.5% of the total costs. Your actual out-of-pocket costs would be slashed to just $11,300. Pretty nice! And you can get financing so you don’t have to pay it all at once.

What that means is, the date when your solar panels pay for themselves will come a lot sooner than it would have. Because one of the main reasons to install solar is the monthly savings you’ll see on your power bills. Did you forget that? You also save tons more every month on your power bills.

When Do I Get My Jackson EMC Solar Rebate?

Once your system has been installed, Jackson EMC will come out and do an inspection. If your installation passes inspection, you can submit your rebate application and you’ll get it within 3-6 weeks.

Also, as a bonus incentive, Jackson EMC also has a net metering program. So if your new solar energy system ever produces more energy than it’s using at the time, you’ll profit even more because Jackson EMC will buy the excess energy you’re producing. Those profits will bring your break-even date even closer.

Have More Questions?

You can learn more about the Jackson EMC solar rebate program here. You can also call them at 1-800-462-3691.

Again, this program is only for members of the cooperative. But as one of the largest cooperatives in the United States, and the largest one in Georgia with over 200,000 metered customers, there are a lot of people eligible for this solar rebate.

And if you want a solar site inspection or are ready to get started on your actual solar installation, Coastal Solar has an NABCEP certified installer on staff. Contact us today!

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