Since the beginning of Coastal Solar,

we’ve put a particular focus on helping our agricultural community. The heart of our country is the American farmer – the people who feed us each day. And our passion has truly become serving those who serve us.

We’re now all over the Southeast and Midwest helping hog and grain farmers, poultry growers, and more. We are pioneering the future of farming with a combination of solar, energy storage, generators, and state-of-the-art integrated software. This solution is significantly changing the bottom line for individual farmers everywhere. The combination of reducing power bills, the Investment Tax Credit, accelerated depreciation, and, in some states, a State Income Tax Credit plus net metering makes the offset 100% (complete elimination of power bills). To date, we have successfully submitted 18 USDA grants, all for renewable energy additions to farms.

Our efforts were even recognized by members of the United States Congress.

Now, we’re going even further with the launch of Ag Solar Solutions. This new company is 100% dedicated to reaching farmers across the United States with solutions that make them more stable and more profitable. The team members who are charged with pioneering this company live, eat, and breath agriculture. They know the pains of the farmer and not only “talk the talk”, but “walk the walk.”

Ag Solar Solutions is a division of Coastal Solar. The Coastal Solar parent company remains in-tact and stronger than ever, available to serve homeowners and businesses everywhere. You will notice some familiar faces from Coastal Solar on the Ag Solar Solutions team. The same management and ownership will remain in place. But, what has emerged are two companies laser-focused on the communities they serve so that they can do it even better than before.

We look forward to you joining us in this effort to improve our country by giving everyone true energy independence. Opportunities exist at both companies for you to connect us to quality farmers, individuals, and businesses that would benefit from reducing or even eliminating their monthly power bill. In that sense, you can join our team and benefit yourself with the opportunities presented by helping others. We’d love to partner with you.

Clay Sikes
CEO Ag Solar Solutions / Coastal Solar