Georgia Gubernatorial Candidates Visit Coastal Solar

During this past campaign season, both major candidates for Governor of Georgia visited Coastal Solar while on the campaign trail – noting the important work that Coastal Solar does for both the agricultural and business communities. Their efforts to include Coastal Solar in their stops is a result of our industry-leading work with poultry growers, other farmers, and businesses throughout Georgia. Over the past several years, we have dialed-in on a strategy that maximizes the return on investment for those who choose to install solar power while also benefiting the environment and community as a whole.

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Coastal Solar has also demonstrated our commitment to local communities by physically planting more than 650,000 trees with hundreds of thousands of more trees planned.

Stacey Abrams privately held meetings with key Coastal Solar executives in our boardroom where she sought to learn more about how policies affect sustainable energy options in Georgia. The coastal solar team appreciated her willingness to learn about solar power options and her open mind towards the needs of rural Georgia farmers and business owners.

Brian Kemp held a public rally immediately outside of Coastal Solar headquarters where he praised the company’s work and rallied community members to get out and vote in the final days of the campaign.

Kemp has been labeled a favorite among farmers, his policies and values are seen to align with the interests of those in rural Georgia communities. He noted how his ideas would help the agricultural industry, and invited Coastal Solar representatives to discuss how the work we are doing positively affects the financial standing of farmers and business owners throughout Georgia while also benefiting the environment.

Middle Georgia CEO wrote an article about the visits. From the article:

Coastal Solar, based in Hinesville, Georgia provides custom designed energy solutions to farmers and businesses with clients all over the Southeast with a heavy focus on poultry – a $22.5 billion industry statewide.

“We are delighted that both candidates selected Coastal Solar to gain more insight into all the positive benefits of solar in the agricultural sphere,” explains Clay Sikes, CEO of Coastal Solar. “Over 65,000 Georgians work in the renewable energy space. Ms. Abrams and Mr. Kemp both seek to understand how important solar is to the future energy needs of the state.”

Please note that the inclusion of facts about the candidates’ visit does not reflect an endorsement of any kind.



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