Solar is more affordable
than you think.

With zero-down, 100% financing, you can go solar today and instantly start saving on your power bill.

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Solar’s not just a nice thing
for the environment.

It’s a money-saving investment that could provide 20+ years of free electricity.

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How much can I save?

solar power in tybee island, ga

Tybee Island, GA

$73,649 estimated lifetime savings

Ellabell, GA

$91,858 estimated lifetime savings

solar panels on a house in statesboro

Statesboro, GA

$138,291 estimated lifetime savings

solar panels in an allenhurst yard

Allenhurst, GA

$62,835 estimated lifetime savings

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solar panels on a roof

What tax credits or incentives are available?

In order to drive investment in renewable energy in the U.S., the federal government established the “Investor Tax Credit” (ITC) – a Federal Tax Credit of up to 26% of the total cost of a solar installation. Both businesses and individuals can take advantage of this credit. Don’t have a large tax liability? The credit will rollover for years. 10 Years of no taxes? Yes, please!

Other local incentives may be available including grants up to $500,000 for rural businesses and farmers.

How much does solar cost?

System costs vary depending on the placement of panels and options like battery storage (for better long-term savings and backup power). But if you can afford your current power bill, you can afford to go solar. You may qualify for 100% financing. Even with financing, the monthly power bill savings will provide immediate benefit. Most systems pay for themselves in a few years — leaving you with decades of free power. And if you sell your house, the system may increase your property value significantly. Talk to a consultant to learn more.

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