Free Barbecue dinner and workshop to learn about how to slash farm electric costs by switching to solar power.

Free Barbecue for Farmers and small business owners!

Get a great meal from G-Brand BBQ in Crawford, Georgia while learning how solar can slash your farm’s electric costs and lower your taxes.
Plus, get the inside scoop on how to quality for a USDA REAP grant!


Tuesday February 16th, at 6PM


G-Brand BBQ
1140 Athens Rd
Crawford, GA 30630

Get more info / RSVP:

Mike Harrell: 912-294-4308 or MHarrell@CoastalSolar.com

Candler Boyd: 478-747-4017 CBoyd@CoastalSolar.com

You must RSVP by TONIGHT
(Friday February 12th)!! 

The benefits for hotels and resorts switching to solar power to avoid devastating power outages.

Can Solar & Storage
Power an Entire Hotel?

When there’s a widespread power outage, businesses with backup power are able to continue serving food and other comforts and necessities to guests, while other businesses – including hotels – have to close their doors. What happens next? All the people quickly figured out who still has power. What happens to their revenue? Cha-ching!

But even isolated issues can cripple a hotel at the height of their busy season. And NFPA codes require essential systems still work during an outage. So will solar do the trick?

It’s not as simple as you might think.

read: the truth about hotel backup power
Spring Creek Farm in Mississippi switched to solar power after devastating tornado swept through.

Project of the Month: Spring Creek Farm

In early 2020, Spring Creek farm in Mississippi made the decision to go solar.

But then – tragedy. All of their poultry farms were destroyed by a devastating tornado. The owner decided not to rebuild. He later decided to apply for the USDA REAP grant just to explore his options. And when we was approved, he knew he’d rebuild — and with solar from day one.

Less than a year after Spring Creek Farm’s houses were destroyed, they were rebuilt with a beautiful new solar power system. And with the help of our agriculture energy consultant Dee Wood, the system was commissioned on January 13th, 2021.

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