Coastal Solar Corporate and Manufacturing Sustainability Program

How to Meet Your Mandates and Save Time, Money, and Energy Costs

There are four reasons your company might choose to work with Coastal Solar’s Corporate and Manufacturing Sustainability Program. If you are looking for solutions in any one of the following areas, this program has been created specifically for you.

1. You Want to Cut Energy Costs 

For energy-intensive industries like manufacturers, hotels, and large retailers, some of which run 24 hours a day, the long term savings you will reap by installing solar energy at multiple locations can be immense for businesses of your scale.

Our corporate sustainability program enables you to realize those sizable savings with a comparatively small investment of time, because we do all the heavy lifting and planning.

2. You Want Grid Independence

Some companies and manufacturers are based in districts with oppressive utilities that charge premium prices when you surpass your peak demand limits. This can sometimes account for 25-50% of your power bill. Other companies have no net metering available, so they get no benefit from a solar array that might produce huge excesses of energy at certain times of the day (or year), but much lower quantities at other times. 

Our Corporate and Manufacturing Sustainability Program helps you break free from the grips of the monopolistic utilities, and move closer to grid independence.

3. You Want to Install Solar Energy at Multiple Locations Over Many Years

If a business has just one location, the solar energy question is sometimes fairly simple. Should we, or shouldn’t we? 

But if you have multiple manufacturing sites that all perform different processes, or have multiple customer service or retail sites, and want to install solar panels at each location using a manageable and cost-effective process, how do you get started? 

Coastal Solar’s program for large companies offers a contract-based service for exactly this scenario, which will be explained in more detail in a moment.

4. You Want to Create a New Profit Center 

Some types of businesses get approached about solar by their customers, but don’t really have the expertise or capacity to take it on as a service they can offer. 

These businesses include roofers, hardware stores, farm supply stores, large retail big box chains, and others. Customers come to you asking about solar, but you really don’t have something tangible to offer them.

Coastal Solar’s program offers you a chance to partner with us so you can offer your customers the solutions they seek without you having to do any of the work. You get paid a portion of our revenue from the work. It’s a joint venture arrangement with the potential to provide you with bursts of cash.

factory with solar panels on the roof

How Our Corporate and Manufacturing Sustainability Program Works

The program is designed to serve medium to large businesses looking to increase their renewable energy production, and, in some cases, meet deadlines for mandates put in place by your board or shareholders. 

It can function as a contract-based service, as a joint-venture, or as a one-time service.

At its core, the program provides your company with all the solar energy expertise you need to increase your renewable energy production, and slash your energy costs. We provide the engineers, the construction workers, the consulting and strategic planning – everything it takes to plan, install, monitor, and maintain a solar energy array for a large corporate or manufacturing facility.

The specifics of what we offer depend on which of the four areas of need listed above you are wanting to address.

Are you looking for grid independence from an inflexible utility? 

We can design a high-capacity solar energy and battery storage system, complete with our proprietary energy management software. This game-changing technology maximizes what your solar can do for you, and cuts the utility company out of the conversation.

Learn more about our solar energy management software

Want an additional profit center from solar through a joint venture?

We can create service packages you can offer to your customers, and then collect a share of the revenues while our teams complete all the work. 

For businesses looking for more revenue streams and who want to give their customers practical solutions, this is a high-reward, minimal-risk opportunity. 

Need to meet renewable energy mandates, or just want to cut energy costs?

We can set up a contract-based system that is essentially a ‘solar energy department in a box.’ 

You don’t have to create a new department or hire anyone, even if you want to phase in solar arrays at dozens of locations across the country. Our program provides all of the expertise needed, and you can simply access it whenever your next location is ready to make the upgrade to solar.

Remember, every location is different. Buildings have unique roof profiles – angles, orientations, or obstructions. Weather patterns vary by location, utilities have different rules, and energy use varies in both quantity and time periods. Some facilities might be heavy users of energy at night. Some sites simply won’t be suitable for solar. 

The solutions for each site will therefore be unique. 

Our teams can handle these variations with ease, because we have seen it and done it in many other situations. 

The point is – you don’t have to change your business model at all to meet renewable energy mandates and install solar power across your many locations. Every time you open a new store or site, our team can be there to take care of the solar component. 

We are your in-house construction and solar consultation firm. You don’t have to waste time, money, or personnel on the hiring, development, management, and ongoing costs of sustaining your own department to meet your renewable energy goals.

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