All of our solar projects are completed after an extensive analysis of each client’s needs, ensuring that your home, business, or farm is a good candidate for a solar installation.  A solar installation can help you save energy and dramatically cut costs.  We always love hearing from our previous clients about the return on investment that our solar projects bring!

Solar Power – The Landings

Solar Power - The Landings Located in the original development of The Landings, this installation is a first on the island. The homeowners are working through an extensive renovation of this dwelling and wanted solar as a part of the upgrade. Installed is a 7.5kW system where the generated power will [...]

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Solar Power – Wilmington Island

Solar Power - Wilmington Island Located on a quiet street on Wilmington Island, this homeowner was ready to pull it all together. He wanted to lower his monthly bills and implement back-up power. Not wanting to cut tree branches from over his roof, the homeowner decided to place the array in [...]

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Solar Power – Guyton

Solar Power - Guyton This home is in Guyton, GA. The homeowners wanted to lower their energy bill, so they decided to cover the backside of their roof with panels. Installed in Jan 2011, they have seen an approximate 25% drop in their utility bill. The break in panels on the [...]

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