After April 30th, 2017, Your Life Will Never Be the Same: 2 Amazing Revelations You Can Only See at the 2017 Vidalia Onion Festival

The Most Amazing, Incredible, Fantastical, Bodacious Invention You’ve Ever Laid Eyes Upon

mobile solar platform The Unit will be revealed at the 2017 Vidalia onion festivalYou can only see this here, from April 27th – 30th in the year 2017 A.D.

This isn’t a traveling circus with magicians doing the same tricks you’ve seen a hundred times.

It’s not some stuntman pretending to defy death while he has a foolproof escape plan and four backup systems.

It’s not animals coerced into doing silly tricks for food, or people covered in tattoos who just sit there.

No, this is bigger, better, more futuristic, more original, more outrageous, and unlike anything you’ve seen in your entire life. Your kids will be so wide-eyed with glee, their ice cream will pop out of their cones. And so will yours! What you see this day, you’ll talk about for the rest of their lives.

But you have to come to the Onion Festival to see it.

We’re not talking about the usual great fun this 40-years-strong four-day event has going for it. Yes, you can still dance, eat, watch movies, fireworks, concerts, and cook-offs, and so many other fun activities for all ages. All that information can be found at the Festival’s official site if you want to plan out your days.

And we’re also not talking about the friends or relatives you might happen to run into who you haven’t seen in years.

No, there are two things happening at this year’s Festival that have never happened before. And one of them hasn’t happened anywhere, ever, in all of human history.

And you’re still thinking about staying home to play Angry Birds?

Gasp In Astonishment at The Unit – A Mobile Solar Energy Platform

Be the first to see the prototype! The first of its kind. Ever.

win Bahamas cruise and Benelli Montefeltro shotgun at the 2017 Vidalia Onion Festival Stare in awe at what the hands of man have created using their God-given inspiration and craftsmanship!

Scales will fall from your eyes as the curtain is removed and you behold for the first time in all of human history – an 81-panel 26kW mobile solar array!

Watch in wonder as the fully-adjustable panels alter their angles, making them adaptable to the sun’s position in the sky!

Let your agricultural imagination run wild as you picture yourself powering sprinklers and cotton gins and processors at certain times of the year, and then relocating your mobile solar array to another part of the farm to power something else!

Marvel at the money you’ll save by reducing your grid-dependent agricultural power needs!

Enshrine yourself in history by getting a selfie while The Unit flexes its solar panels behind you!

Before this day, all the way back to the earliest peoples living at the dawn of time, the farmer has toiled and labored in the ground without direct access to the power of the sun. Always playing second fiddle to photosynthesis!

But now, The Unit has come to alter the course of human history. From this day forth, the sun shall go with you, and shall produce the electricity you want, when you need it, and where you need it on your farm!

Find the Coastal Solar booth at the Vidalia Onion Festival and see The Unit, or forever regret the day you chose to do some menial task you could have done any other time instead of witnessing the unveiling of the future of solar energy and agriculture!

Hold on Folks, There’s More! You Can Also Win Great Prizes!

Once you’ve seen The Unit, you’re at risk of letting everything else in your life feel like part of the dustbin of history.

But you can quickly recover by entering the first ever sweepstakes from Coastal Solar!

Find our booth and enter to win a Bahamas cruise, cash, and a Benelli Montefeltro shotgun, over $10,000 in prizes. To enter, you’ll need your last twelve months of power bills. So plan ahead if you want to enter at the festival!

But you don’t have to wait until then to enter. In fact, it will be much easier for you to enter now. Go find your last 12 months of power bills and enter online right here.

There will be three winners, one each from the residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors.

We will draw the winners live at the Onion Festival at 12 noon on Sunday, April 30th. You can watch the drawing in person or on Facebook Live.

Enter 12 Month Power BIlls Sweepstakes


Note: If you win the Bahamas cruise, you must register for your dates within 45 days, and activate the voucher within 90 days.



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