Abrams makes stop in H-ville

Stacey Abrams, candidate for governor of the state of Georgia, visited Coastal Solar recently for a purely “fact-finding” mission regarding solar power. Abrams plans to make job creation through Georgia-based renewable energy developments a key platform in her run for governor.

We are honored that she has identified Coastal Solar as an industry leader in the state and specifically chose to visit with our team. She also recognized our experience in taking advantage of available incentives and our unique expertise working with federal organizations like the USDA to make solar power more prominent in Georgia.

In the article, our owner, Clay Sikes, spoke about Coastal Solar’s efforts:

“We’ve been able to take some of their grant programs that weren’t even being used in this state, and we’ve learned how to write grants,” he said. “That’s helped us open many, many doors… introducing this opportunity of grants that are available extending to rural farmers and businesses.”

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