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About Coastal Solar:

Coastal Solar Power, LLC is headquartered in Hinesville, GA with several satellite offices and both a national and international reach. This U.S. Southeast- area-based solar business has been serving homeowners, commercial building owners and the agriculture industry, since 2011. Owner and CEO Clay Sikes established the company as a division of The Sikes Group, a leading real estate development company with a $100 million portfolio and 50 years of experience.

Coastal Solar consists of a team of the industry’s most experienced construction management professionals who are dedicated to meet the specific needs of our customers with custom-designed PV (photovoltaic) solar solutions that improve customer’s bottom line.

During the past five years, the team has achieved great success through its holistic approach to sustainability using solar energy. Coastal Solar introduced a mobile solar unit that can be moved to different locations based on a customer’s energy needs. This success at home propelled Coastal Solar’s next big initiative to develop a distribution arm as a supplier of pre-packed solar units.

Coastal Solar is committed to environmental protection and community service. As another demonstration of this commitment, Coastal Solar has planted 650,000 trees to offset runoff and CO2 emissions, with another 350,000 already planned.

“We are in this business to serve. Our biggest successes are in businesses we don’t sell. We’re excited to extend our reach internationally too. At Coastal Solar, our business is about serving others in all that we do. That’s important to us. And, the environment and the Earth go hand-in-hand with that. That’s important to us too.”

– Clay Sikes, Owner and CEO, Coastal Solar Power, LLC and The Sikes Group

clay sikes, owner

Clay Sikes – 50 Years in Business

“I started Coastal Solar as a venue to serve others, and the environment. After a few years, we recognized our sweet spot is helping businesses that are struggling with high costs and old technology in the agriculture industry. We’ve been able to make a real difference in the lives of many American farmers. We’re excited to offer that to farmers abroad next.”

Clay Sikes established Coastal Solar Power, LLC as a venue to serve others and the environment in 2011. He serves as CEO and leads a powerful team of the industry’s top construction management professionals who help others move forward with renewable energy solutions, specializing in photovoltaics.

keith freeman with coastal solar

Keith Freeman – “The Pioneer of Solar in the Southeast”

“My passion for solar started in the ‘70s, and it still motivates me to this day. Every time I commission a new system I am like a kid in a candy store. I am still amazed that we can power our homes and businesses from something as simple as sunlight.”

Keith Freeman joined Coastal Solar Power, LLC in June 2016, bringing over 25 years of experience in solar to the team. He serves as Senior Designer & Installation Manager and is commonly known as “The Pioneer of Solar in the Southeast” with over 500 solar power installations to his name. Keith oversees the designs of all energy systems, and manages procurement and delivery on every job. He leads Research & Development efforts, conducting evaluations of emerging technologies and system components to find new and better ways to meet customer needs with solar. Keith also oversees system installation in the field to ensure strict adherence to Coastal Solar standards of excellence.

candler boyd with coastal solar

Brett Sikes

“I sit down with banks to make sure it makes sense, for the bank and customer, for us to move forward with loans for our customers who need to finance their investment. We don’t want them to take loans out that are more than they are saving. That’s a bad loan to me.

Brett Sikes joined Coastal Solar Power, LLC as a Financial Systems Analyst in 2013. He leverages his deep background in construction management to help farmers obtain equitable terms to ensure their investment in solar power yields a financial return.