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Solar Projects:

At Coastal Solar, we’re passionate about providing high-quality solar solutions to our clients that have a great Return on Investment and ultimately save them money!

“By the time I retire, I will recover the capitol cost of my solar product!  I’m producing $200 worth of power a month. Ihave a big home and use almost all the power produced, so I’m going into retirement with minimum energy costs. I live in an area where I’ll do most of my driving in electric car. Soon I’ll install a solar charging station to fuel the car, as well!”

Coastal Solar offers any size utility scale and commercial Solar Projects anywhere in the United States.


Professional Eye Care


When Dr. Pittman started looking into putting solar panels on his section of the roof, he had an epiphany – why not put them on the rest of the roof too, connect them to his tenants’ power meters, and save all of them thousands of dollars each year on their energy bills?


Tootle Farms

They needed a major, 80kw system designed and installed before the new year in order to take advantage of tax incentives and other financial advantages. Our team got to work immediately, and we’re proud to say that the project was completed with time to spare.


Miller Residence


They worked with Coastal Solar to install a solar power system and have cut their energy bill by more than half! With the addition of the many tax benefits, they’ll experience a positive return on their investment in just a number of years – and will continue to save on energy for their family home for many more!