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Project Description

Project Description

Professional Eye Care

Dr. Pittman is the owner of Professional Eye Care, near Savannah Georgia. He also owns the strip mall that his company shares with several tenants.  His story begins with the typical confusion we see all the time from utility companies. He was being charged 17 cents per kWh, while another tenant in his same building was being charged  11 cents per kWh –  30% less!

When he started looking into putting solar panels on his section of the roof, he had an epiphany – why not put them on the rest of the roof too, connect them to his tenants’ power meters, and save all of them thousands of dollars each year on their energy bills?

Now, he’ll not only save thousands of dollars each year, but he’s gained a competitive advantage as a landlord. Imagine, as a commercial landlord, when potential tenants ask you about the typical monthly power bill and you reply with a straight face, “About ten bucks. Maybe twenty in the winter.”

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