Does Solar Increase Home Values?

Does Solar Increase Home Values? Biggest Factor is Whether You Own or Lease Your Solar Panels As more homes go solar and the years of savings pile up, the new question people are asking with greater frequency is, “How does solar affect my home resale value?” Now that reports and studies have ample data to [...]

What Is Peak Shaving?

Q: What Is Peak Shaving? A: Cutting Your Costs During the Time Periods You Use the Most Energy Once someone moves out of their parents’ basement, they soon discover the urge to save money on their energy bill. This urge leads people to take action, which includes everything from energy efficiency improvements to solar power [...]

How Many Solar Panels Will I Need?

How Many Solar Panels Will I Need?  Find Your Answer in 8 Simple Steps! How many solar panels do you need to provide the energy to support your home and family? It’s a big question because it directly affects the cost of your new solar energy system. Even though prices for solar panels have plummeted [...]

Should I Install My Own Solar Panels?

Should I Install My Own Solar Panels? No: Solar Panels are Not a Phone App Everyone loves saving money. And especially in America, there’s also a certain pride in the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to fixing and improving things in your life. Especially mechanical things. It’s the guy who can change his own oil verses the [...]