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About Coastal Solar:

The idea of establishing a solar energy company was born out of a vision and concept that principal owner and CEO, Clay Sikes, had in 2013. Through much diligence, research and prayer this vision has now come to fruition with the acquisition of Coastal Solar Power Company of Savannah, a four year old solar company. Coastal Solar Power Company is now a division of The Sikes Group. The Sikes Group is a leading company in real estate, real estate marketing, land acquisition and development, commercial development and their related services with over 46 years of experience. Keith Freeman oversees system installation and brings over forty years of experience to the team. Our staff with backgrounds in engineering, sales, education and management brings an exceptionally diverse field of experience to the company.

Our Process:

When you contact Coastal Solar about your potential for “going solar”, we will guide you through the entire experience, describing exactly how the process works and answer any questions that you might have. We will perform a comprehensive solar and energy site assessment, where you have the benefit of making sure that your home/business/farm is suitable for a solar installation before proceeding. You will receive all of the benefits of our extensive knowledge and experience in matters concerning a solar installation, and are given a complete cost-effective view of what a solar electric system can provide. No pressure, just honest advice! You can then decide to proceed knowing that we will specify only highly proven, fully warranted, world-class solar electric products that assure your system will perform as expected for many, many years.

Keith Freeman – “The Pioneer of Solar in the Southeast”

“The Pioneer of Solar in the Southeast”Keith Freeman has 25 years of experience in solar energy. While he’s helped major organizations like Westin Resorts in both the United States and internationally, his heart remains loyal to his Southeastern roots. He loves helping people, especially farmers, take advantage of the cost-saving alternative energy source.

Freeman says that he sees, “lots of potential” for solar in the farming sector. This is due in part to growing incentives from the USDA and many federal & state tax credits, but also to the greatly reduced costs for solar energy, down more than 50% over the last five years. Beyond the cost savings, solar power can give control back to the farmer during summer months when Georgia and other Southeastern states experience “brown outs” because of swelling energy consumption needed to run air conditioning.

Coastal Solar’s CEO, Clay Sikes, couldn’t be happier to have Freeman on the team.

“Having Keith Freeman on board makes Coastal Solar a better business. His knowledge of the industry, his contacts and friends throughout the renewable energy world will no doubt be a strong plus for us,” says Sikes.

Read more about Keith joining Coastal Solar

Clay Sikes

He currently owns and manages hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial retail space , climate-controlled storage units, thousands of acres in timberland, and more.  His strength is His God, and his ability to develop strong relationships, building winning combinations.


Suzanne Walker

With 25 years of extensive knowledge and application of operational management along with extensive coordination of dynamic production teams, Suzanne has quickly become the center of the nervous system for all that is done within Coastal Solar.


Doug Baird

Doug is a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in telecom, backup generator, power factor correction and finance who enjoys finding unique ways where businesses can maximize savings and return on investment with renewable energy products.


Mike Harrell

Mike works as a Site Analyst, helping customers figure out the best place on their property to put their solar panels.  He now uses his business, training, sales, and management experience to help industrial and business see how solar will improve their long term profit margins.


Phill Marron, Site Project Analyst

Phill has an extensive background holding middle and senior management responsibilities in business, manufacturing and education.  In recent years, he provided procurement, human resources and facilities management consulting services to help businesses reduce waste, improve performance, increase profitability and add value to their organization.


Derek L. Duke

Derek’s role is to help navigate any interactions we have with the government, and he’s the perfect person for this role.  He’s been a planning and zoning commissioner for Bulloch Country and the head of sales for a travel agency/flight service company. Derek is very excited about renewable energy and is a great addition to Coastal Solar.


Mike Croft

With 18 years of industrial management and chemical manufacturing experience with one of the world’s largest suppliers of water soluble polymers, Mike knows the value of renewables. He leverages his industrial management skills to ensure each customer install meets the standard.


Jason Traylor

Analyst Jason Traylor is passionate about local communities and has a genuine heart for service. His experience in the Military helps Coastal Solar complete projects on-time, on-spec, and with a smile!

H. Candler Boyd, Jr., EdD

Dr. Candler Boyd leads the education segment of Coastal Solar, producing an unparalleled opportunity to Georgia School Systems through Power Purchase Agreements.  “Schools systems can reduce overhead and reap the benefits of Solar with no upfront capital. Where else can you go and find an opportunity like this?”